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Hundreds of customizable templates to create your photo album
Emotions photo album
Hundreds of customizable templates to create your photo album
Emotions photo album
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A committed company

Because it is part of FlexiLivre's DNA, we have chosen to offset 100% of our carbon emissions. However, our goal remains to reduce our emissions rather than compensate for them, through various strategies.

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Our designers regularly publish guides to help you create albums and photo books of artistic quality.

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A photo album made from authentic photos

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Producing photo albums,
Respecting the environment

We strongly believe that at a minimum our activity should have no impact on the environment. And at best, it should help improve it. That's why since the beginning of our entrepreneurial venture, we have tried to make the right choices to respect this.

All your albums are printed on paper from sustainable and responsible forest management, which also allows waste to be limited for better recycling.

Our printing partner is Imprim'Vert certified, committing to reducing the environmental impacts associated with printing activities (non-use of toxic products, etc.)

Respecting the environment

Producing photo albums,
Respecting the environment

We strongly believe that at a minimum our activity should have no impact on the environment. And at best, it should help improve it. That's why since the beginning of our entrepreneurial venture, we have tried to make the right choices to respect this.

All your albums are printed on paper from sustainable and responsible forest management, which also allows waste to be limited for better recycling.

Our printing partner is Imprim'Vert certified, committing to reducing the environmental impacts associated with printing activities (non-use of toxic products, etc.)

An album is worth a thousand words

A photo here, a photo there, with just one click we photograph our life to try to keep a trace of these key moments which will make our memories of tomorrow. Except that, often, these photos remain buried on a hard drive or a memory card, with no future prospects. Sad, isn't it?

But here's the thing, this morning you woke up with the firm intention of remedying this situation and bringing some of those photos to life by choosing the lucky ones that will be printed in an album? That's a great idea, and this is precisely where we come in.

Books or photo albums are not only our specialty, but also our passion! And make no mistake, what we love is of course the album itself. But also knowing that once you have your photo book in hand, you will have that slight smile of satisfaction and that little bit of nostalgia for those precious moments, whether old or recent. And we're not even talking about the emotion it will arouse if you decide to give an album to your friends, your mom, or your grandparents. Guaranteed emotions and likely tears! Weddings, births, holidays, birthdays — it works every time!

Here, everything has been designed to make things as easy as possible for you: from selecting your photos to laying them out, from choosing your cover and format to finishing your album... We have created a simple software that allows you to quickly print your album. The icing on the cake, our customer service (based in Europe) answers your questions every day in a personalized and friendly manner, yes, you read that right, give it a try!

Finally, good to know as well, we give you the possibility to print your book from any of your files (pdf, word, powerpoint, or other) or to insert them into your photo book. Great, isn't it?

As we say, "a picture album is worth a thousand words": embark on the album adventure and try to create a small album, which you will receive in just a few days.

FlexiLivre, the site that makes hearts flutter

Printed in Europe!

Printing the books: we have chosen to produce our photo albums locally because we believe it is a guarantee of quality and trust. Unlike many of our competitors who print abroad, this choice of proximity allows us to offer very fast delivery of your photo albums, the distance between our printing house and your home being less.

Customer service: printing in France is good, but with a customer service based in France, it's even better. What could be more unpleasant than reaching a customer service on the other side of the world, with a sometimes disinterested advisor? We have taken the opposite path of delocalization, our customer service being based in Paris. Having all of our services 'Made in France' allows us to be reactive, without any time difference between the different interlocutors.

The last essential component in our opinion: our ecological commitment. FlexiLivre uses paper from sustainably and responsibly managed forests, while its printing partner is certified 'Imprim'Vert' for eco-responsible printing. Printing in France also allows us to minimize as much as possible our carbon footprint with transportation during delivery. But that's not enough to sufficiently protect our environment, and we must do better every day, which is why FlexiLivre finances several environmental projects and seeks alternatives for recycled packaging, cleaner transport, and deliveries.

Our answers to your questions

  1. First step: select the format of the album you want to create (landscape, portrait, square) then its size (A4, A5, 30x30cm, or 21x21cm).
  2. Then choose an album template to have a working base, or start with a blank album.
  3. Upload the photos you want to use and print in your album.
  4. Let our software automatically place your photos or place them yourself.
  5. Add texts, captions, images to embellish the pages of your creation.
  6. Add, delete as many pages as you want.
  7. Order your album which will then be printed in our printing workshop, and delivered directly to you with Quick Delivery.
The price of an album depends on several criteria:
  1. The format
  2. The type of cover and binding
  3. The number of pages
  4. The type of photo paper (glossy or satin)
  5. The chosen carrier
  6. The number of copies printed.
You cancalculate the price of your albumeven before starting its creation, to avoid any surprises. Note that the price of your album is indicated step by step throughout the creation process and updated instantly according to your changes. This pricing page also allows you to get a quote for a large quantity order, in a professional context for example.
At the fastest, we can manufacture and deliver your album anywhere in Europe within 48 working hours with the Express option (2 days), making us the fastest provider in the field of customized albums. Can we guarantee this timeframe? Yes. How is it possible? Our customer service is based in Europe, as well as our printing workshop and our technical service: therefore, no time difference between our different services, shorter and therefore faster delivery routes than for albums printed outside of Europe. If you choose the cheapest carrier, a maximum of 10 days may elapse between the printing and delivery of your albums.
Not sure which cover to choose not knowing what they look like? Here's what you need to know to help choose: the thickness also called the weight of our soft (or spiral) covers is 270gr. On the other hand, our hard covers are composed of a glued-on 170gr, on a 2mm thick cardboard. Less technical and a bit more 'visual' answer: a soft cover resembles most of the novel covers that you can find in stores. The hard covers we offer are identical to the ones of comic books available at any bookstore. Note that for lay-flat books, as well as padded cover books, the weight is the same as that of hard covers. You can also opt for a spiral cover, About 70% of our sales are made in hard covers.
By default, the paper in our albums is satin paper, with a weight of 200 grams for the inner pages. The varnish option allows you to get glossy paper, still on 200 gr, making it a quality and high-end paper. It should be noted that we have stopped selling matte paper for all our albums. For lay-flat photo albums, the paper used is glossy by default, on 270 gram paper: the varnish option is therefore not available for these books.
From 24 pages to 400 pages depending on the format and type of cover you have chosen. You can findthe maximum number of interior pages here.Generally:
  • An album with a soft cover will allow you to go up to 400 additional pages.
  • An album with a hard cover will be limited to 250 additional pages.
  • Lay-flat albums allow you to have up to a maximum of 64 pages.

Want to learn more?

The company Flexilivre was born from the idea of two friends passionate about travel: Mathieu and Kamel. It was on their return from their respective journeys around the globe that they wanted to create an album to keep a trace of their adventures. Easy, you say? Not really! The solutions offered at that time on the internet were neither practical nor affordable.

At that time, it was necessary to download and install software on one's computer even before starting the creation of one's album. Photo books were relatively expensive, and customization options were very costly. Many constraints were imposed, such as the number of photos per page, but above all, customer services were calamitous: they were often paid numbers to call centers located thousands of miles away.

Given this, Kamel and Mathieu then decided to launch a first site that would print travel photo albums, with several objectives: the site had to be simple to use, the creation of the album should take place directly in the browser, without having to download or install any software beforehand. The customer service had to be available for free, 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day, based in France. This customer service would not only be there to respond to delivery problems but also to advise and support its customers in their album creation. This software had to be simple, very simple, to allow everyone, no matter how comfortable they were with computers, to make a photo book. Finally, the prices of the albums should be affordable and transparent, without hidden costs, as most photo album sites deliberately inflated the prices of their photo books, in order to offer illusory promotions and discounts, on a permanent basis.

This first version of the FlexiLivre software quickly became a success. The feedback from the first customers being very positive, the technical evolution of the site was continuously based on customer reviews and requests. From that moment on, without it really being planned, many customers began to create photo albums that had nothing to do with the theme of travel: wedding albums, family albums, birth albums, and so on.

From then on, the two friends decided to expand their activity and jump into the world of personalized photo albums. The concept was born, FlexiLivre structured itself to work with several graphic designers in charge of creating photo album models, both based on customer requests and current graphic trends.

Today we have a large number of loyal customers, some have been following us since the beginning of the adventure, since 2003! Our goal is to offer the best album creation application on the market. Many projects are underway to facilitate the creation of albums, photo selection, their classification, without forgetting the creation of automatic layouts, the creation of smart photo albums, the possibility of working on the same album with others, sharing it with loved ones and commenting on it. We also plan to soon allow you to add videos to make the albums even more lively.

What is the future of the album? Will it be totally digital or will the paper version continue to hold its place and its nobility? Will the printed album still be popular in a few years? Every day, we reflect on this question and continue to innovate to offer you the best solution, the one that will allow you to save and relive your memories in the simplest and fastest way possible. Sharing your memories and emotions with your loved ones, allowing you to keep this tradition of family or friend’s souvenir: that's what drives us. We firmly believe that a living society has a vital need for memories, for moments of sharing and collective emotions.

We are convinced that the album is above all one of the current symbols of modern society, which has a real need for memory. Each person, each family, each group of friends shares strong moments throughout their life. Photos are a very effective way of preserving all these crucial moments, the means of not letting precious moments fall into oblivion. A personalized book allows not only to print photos but even more to create a real narrative, a personal anthology, an exceptional gift. It's an object that goes beyond its content because of its emotional generation, it brings people together, allowing the connection of people who compose it and who find themselves in it. The book, as a whole, is undoubtedly one of the elements, however minor it may be, contributing to cement our human societies.

Even if an album does not aim to be a History book, it remains nonetheless a part of everyone's history, and therefore of our society. The compilation of all photo albums of a society is ultimately a beautiful representation of its history. In this era of overconsumption, where everything becomes ephemeral, we are convinced that the album is one of those deeply useful objects for our human societies. That's why we have set ourselves the goal of keeping this object present in our respective lives, no matter what form it takes (totally digital, semi-digital, totally printed, ...). For this, our albums must be of quality, to last over time: covers, inner pages, binding: we make sure to choose only the most durable materials, over time, and ecologically speaking. We constantly think about the best ways to enable everyone to share photos and enjoy them, to make real stories that will remain in memories.

To sum up this long speech, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or simply if you want to come and visit us, have a coffee and talk about albums :)

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